David Nicol

Hi there! My name is David Nicol and you’re reading this because you want to know a bit more about me. I’m an artist living in Swansea which is the city area next to the Gower Peninsula in South Wales. Just an aside, Gower was the first designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK. Living here allows me to benefit from the convenience of being in a city, and having beautiful beaches and hills a short distance away.

Art and the humanities have always featured in my life, although I initially avoided painting in favour of photography. The reason for this was that I was always too impatient for paint, while photography (the chemical type that I trained in) was fairly instant and there was always something magical about seeing an image appearing in the developing tray in the darkroom. As I got older I started to draw more, and progressed into oil painting. Now older and (arguably) wiser I’ve developed a new enjoyment in the process of painting. While the time it takes to create a good painting used to frustrate me, I now enjoy the challenge of building up the layers and having to work slowly.

Pallette by David Nicol

My main medium is oil paint, mainly Winsor and Newton Artists Oils (other brands are available; I’m not sponsored by them, nor have received any incentives to mention them), which I paint on either stretched canvas or board. I’m still working out which support I prefer to work on. While I enjoy the rigidity of board, weight can be an issue at larger sizes. I also use watercolours, graphite, and charcoal, for studies and mainly personal projects.

I do accept commissions and if you see something in my gallery that you like that’s not available for sale then just get in touch.