Artist Visibility – Better Marketing for Artists

Girl With Pearl Earring SEO Example ©David Nicol 2017

In today’s market it’s difficult as an artist to be discovered, and to work out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing. Yes, to an artist marketing is akin to swearing, but much in the same way that you can’t eat exposure we artists need to swallow that bitter pill and start blowing our own trumpet. If you’re a musician in the brass section, great! You’ve got a head start already, but for the rest of us there are some lessons we need to learn.

This post concentrates on how you, an artist, can capitalise on free advertising to drive traffic to your website.

A major issue that many artists, especially those starting out, face and that is that they put an image of their work online only to find the image reposted somewhere else with no credit or link back to them. There is a simple way to combat this which, although not foolproof, does reduce the chances of your work becoming an anonymous piece on the internet. I’m using a recent post I made online to a facebook group as an example, and I’ll explain how it works:

Girl With Pearl Earring SEO Example ©David Nicol Artist 2017So this image was posted to my instagram, and twitter accounts, and also to a facebook group that didn’t allow links. All I’ve done is overlay some text. No need for a massive copyright symbol or watermark across the image as it’s resolution is too low for it to be used for reproduction. But what I want you to take note of is what I’ve used in the overlay.

In the bottom right is the username I use across my social media accounts – @nicoldart. If you search for that on Twitter, Instagram, or facebook you find me. And then at the top left is a url. You might be wondering why the url is when this site is The answer is simple – continuity. It’s easier to remember nicold, than davidnicolart. There is less scope for spelling errors when typing the address in, and it redirects here anyway. It’s neat, it saves space, and it works.

Shortly after posting this image there was a spike in hits to this site using the url which meant that people were actively typing in the url I’d posted.

So the lesson to be learned here is as follows:

  • Only upload low resolution images to the internet at large
  • Always tag your work with your domain address, and social media handles

Before you go, make sure you check out my gallery here. I’m adding work to as I complete them. I’m also working on developing a group on facebook for artists looking to improve their visibility and support one another. It’s called Savvy Artists, so be sure to join.

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